In this section, we will describe the list of REST APIs available for the OpeNRJ platform.

Two RESTful APIs are available on our site.

  • APIs to publish your data on our servers
  • The APIs to retrieve all the data stored on the platform (data energy, building, ...)

The following documentation will help you understand how to use our APIs.

Quick start

For a brief introduction to the operation of the platform and the main REST requests to use, please consult the quick start page.

Recover data

Method Request Description
GET /v1/sites Retrieving the list of sites registered on the OpeNRJ platform.
GET /v1/sites/:siteID Retrieving information from a site.
GET /v1/sites/:siteID/variables Retrieving variables and their metadata for a site.
GET /v1/sites/:siteID/variables/:variableID Retrieving metadata from a site variable.
GET /v1/sites/:siteID/variables/series Recovery of the time series of all the variables of a site.
GET /v1/sites/:siteID/variables/:variableID/series Recovery of the time series of a variable of a site.