What is Open Data?

The « Open Data » movement is a process of publishing digital data online according to a series of ten criteria guaranteeing their free access and re-use by all. Thus, a raw data is said to be open if it is published as: Complete, Primary, Timely, Accessible, Exploitable, Non-Discriminatory, Non-Proprietary, Royalty Free, Permanent, and Free. This publication process concerns all types of data holders (companies, associations, public bodies) and especially public authorities.

Our OPENRJ platform collects energy data from buildings and some structural and environmental data. These data constitute an intangible heritage that can be highlighted by and for a group of actors:

  • Citizens and journalists can find information
  • Researchers can contribute to studies and works
  • Developers can create innovative services using this data
  • Companies can invent value-added services around data

Openness of data is therefore a guarantee of readability and an innovation factor based on openness, participation and co-production.

All data on this platform are licensed ETALAB.